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Richelle and Erik

-Hilton Garden Inn Clifton Park

Richelle and Erik met in 2010. Richelle's best friend was close with Erik's sister, so the couple began seeing more of each other and started dating. On their two year anniversary, they went horseback riding in the mountains, and after reaching the peak, Erik proposed.

"We knew Mazzone was the best, and we knew we would love the food. So we started looking at their venues. Hilton Garden Inn was the newest venue at the time. "We loved the idea of using a newer place and we knew we could make it into anything we wanted."

The couple notes their Mazzone Hospitality event planner at Hilton Garden Inn Clifton Park as a major reason for the lack of stress that went into making their wedding day perfect. "Our event planner helped us enjoy the planning process and kept us on track."

From the start of their wedding day until the end, Richelle and Erik were "blown away" by the staff at Hilton Garden Inn Clifton Park. "They went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect." There weren't any doubts that the night would go smoothly, and the couple was able to mingle freely with their guests.

"Our banquet manager was amazing. She set up the head table with candles and lights and just made it breathtaking. She was there with gum when I needed it, had wine waiting for the wedding party, and was always rushing around making sure things were going as planned."

Richelle and Erik remember special moments from their wedding, like the staff getting a special plate of french fries for Erik's son, and their memories are just as fond overall. "We would do it the exact same way in an instant!"

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