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Jessica and Jeffrey

-90 State Events

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High school friends, Jessica and Jeffrey Collins, met at the early age of 8 at a youth bowling league. Their romance began when they reconnected at Jessica's best friend's 25th birthday party in downtown Albany. Jeff and Jessica dated for a few years and adopted a rescue dog together named Abby. On a sunny September day on Sacandaga Lake, Jeffrey proposed to Jessica on his new boat. Abby was of course present for the proposal as well as the engagement photos.

When the couple began planning their wedding they found themselves returning to downtown Albany, where they initially reconnected. Jessica and Jeffrey immediately fell in love with the feel of the city of Albany and the newly renovated 90 State Events. "We looked at five other wedding venues. As soon as we walked into 90 State Events we said 'Wow!' We were totally blown away by the columns and the architecture," Jeffrey said. "Walking into 90 State Events you can see that it is beautiful, just absolutely gorgeous," Jessica added.

What really set 90 State Events apart from other venues was the service the couple received. "I remember being pampered the whole day. Our wedding was even more special knowing that I was being taken care of," Jessica said. "We are used to doing everything ourselves. We're not used to being pampered, but that is what helped make it one of the best days of our lives," Jeffrey agreed.

The couple especially enjoyed the service provided by their Mazzone Hospitality event planner, who was just as excited for their big day as they were. Their event planner helped Jessica and Jeff incorporate special touches into their big day, including a large handmade "LOVE" sign they built together. "We delivered the sign, and said 'Make something happen with this.' As we walked into 90 State Events, the first thing through the door was our "LOVE" sign set up on a gorgeous champagne station. It was so sweet to see," Jessica said. Throughout the course of the night Mazzone Hospitality's staff strategically placed the sign so that it was constantly visible and present as the centerpiece of their night. "Our wedding was absolutely incredible," Jeff said, "The venue was beautiful. The food was delicious, and by the end of the night the staff felt like our friends."

The couple's wedding guests loved their wedding with Mazzone Hospitality at 90 State Events. Jessica and Jeffrey received overwhelmingly positive feedback. "We've heard from many people that this was one of the most glamorous weddings that they've ever attended," praised Jeffrey, "Mazzone has a great reputation and we were pleased to learn that the rumors were true." Jessica concluded, "We would absolutely recommend 90 State Events. You're going to be taken care of here."

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